Why Attend: POWER Community

Our Infrastructure and POWER groups are uniting to deliver a unique, in-person event dedicated to bringing together senior-level decision-makers and executives from the infrastructure and power generation industries to discuss the complex issues and opportunities surrounding energy and electrification infrastructure project procurement and execution. Cross-collaboration among these essential industries is imperative to achieve our clean energy goals, and this event provides an important platform for making those connections. Our core community of public agency representatives, utility operators, public works officials, along with energy companies and the private sector – including product and service suppliers – as well as technology companies, will discuss ways to effectively deploy alternative project delivery methods, such as Private-Public Partnerships (P3s), to ensure the successful implementation of energy infrastructure projects.

This intimate conference is designed for maximum networking and is a place for local, state and federal government leaders, and their partners in the energy industry, to learn about complex elements surrounding P3 infrastructure projects. That includes funding, financing, risk, development, construction and maintenance, as these groups come together to determine which method will deliver the best outcome for their community and business needs.

Who is POWER?

POWER is the one brand that addresses all generation and related technologies and fuels across North America and around the world, providing insight into this increasingly complex industry. Established in 1882, it is dedicated to providing its global audience with exclusive analysis of the latest trends, best practices, and power generation and related projects through several platforms, including print, digital, and in person. POWER is at the forefront of the global power market, providing in-depth news and insight on the end-to-end electricity system and the ongoing energy transition. It is the “go-to” resource for power professionals, offering a wealth of information on innovative business practices, sound safety measures, useful productivity enhancements, and much more.

POWER’s coverage of electrification includes information about transportation, from electric vehicles to electrified bus and truck fleets, along with what’s happening in the commercial, industrial, residential, and infrastructure sectors. We provide information about projects, identify suppliers of products and services, and report on the latest technology to support electrification, including actions involving electric utilities.

Why P3 Electrified?

  1. The P3 Electrified Summit is the unprecedented convergence of government agencies, utilities, energy companies and the private sector to discuss the intersection of infrastructure and power generation. According to the International Monetary Fund, “the private sector will need to supply about 80% of the needed investments for the developing world’s energy transition through 2030.” There is no other platform that gathers the private sector and utilities in one place at one time.
  2. Clean energy is not a passing trend – it’s a requirement backed by historic funding. Those who are not up to speed on the requirements will be left behind. The Summit educates those on how to best achieve a clean energy future. With the ambitious commitment to achieve 80% renewable energy generation by 2030, combined with historic funding opportunities and immense infrastructure updates required to support this energy transition, the Summit provides two days of unparalleled collaboration across sectors to accelerate and materialize America’s clean energy future.
  3. The Summit brings the buyers and sellers together for unmatched networking and deal making. This unique environment is where connections are forged, cutting-edge solutions are explored, products and services are unveiled, and deals are closed.  
  4. The Summit is where new technologies are unveiled, electrification products are introduced, and infrastructure services are explored. Stay on the cutting-edge of the electrification industry by experiencing and learning first-hand the actionable solutions to achieve a greener tomorrow faster and more efficiently.