Who Attends

The P3 Elecrified Summit is a part of P3C Media, which delivers some of the largest infrastructure focused events in the country. The P3 Electrified Summit is dedicated to bringing together senior-level decision-makers and executives from the infrastructure and power generation industries to discuss the complex issues and opportunities surrounding energy infrastructure project procurement and execution. Cross-collaboration amongst the infrastructure and power generation industries is imperative to achieve our clean energy goals, and this event is the sole platform to do so.

Our core community of public agency representatives, utility operators, public works officials, energy companies and the private sector will discuss ways to effectively deploy alternative project delivery methods, such as Private-Public Partnerships (P3s), to ensure the successful implementation of energy infrastructure projects. This intimate conference is designed for maximum networking and is a place for local, state and federal government leaders to learn about complex elements surrounding P3 infrastructure projects (such as funding, financing, risk, development, construction and maintenance) in order to determine which method will deliver the best outcome for their community needs.

The two-day Summit offers a unique and valuable opportunity to network with potential partners in an information driven, networking focused environment. Many attending the P3 Electrified Summit are operators and project owners interested better understanding project delivery options and exploring partnerships.

Attendees Include:

  • Utility Companies
  • Public Works Agencies
  • Electric Companies and Suppliers
  • Investor-owned Utilities
  • Clean Air Agencies
  • Public Utility Commissions
  • Elected Officials
  • Technology Providers
  • Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Infrastructure Investment Funds
  • A/E/C Firms
  • Financial and Insurance Companies
  • Private Utility Companies
  • Legal
  • Energy Providers

Attendees with little experience in the development and operation of alternative project delivery models will benefit from our industry experts presenting their knowledge, and valuable insights into practices, data, and trends critical for successful water project management decisions.  

Industry professionals will benefit from incredible networking opportunities, cultivate relationships with project owners, and learn new methods to address complex project delivery goals.